VideoLAN – VLC Media Player

Tired of trying to play movies that have sound and no video, or don’t play at all? Sick of trying to figure out what codecs are and which ones are needed to play which files? Well relax, because the developers behind the open source VideoLAN project have produced what you have been longing for; the VideoLAN VLC Media Player.

Sporting the ability to play just about any audio or video format you’ll come across, the VLC Media Player is what many tech savvy internet users have been using for years. Able to play anything from a DivX to an .ISO file, there’s little this solid media player can’t play.

One of VLC’s most attractive features is it’s ability to handle all of these formats out of the box. To play DivX files in Windows Media Player for example, you have to install a DivX codec. If you want to play them in VLC, there’s nothing extra to do. Just open it and it will play. This feature alone is the reason many people switch to VLC.

Available for Windows, many flavors of Linux, Mac OS X, BeOS, and just about every other major operating system available, chances are good you’ll be able to continue using it in the event that you switch operating systems in the future.

VideoLAN isn’t just for the basic viewing audience though. VideoLAN can be used as both a client and a server. With the ability to stream your content, VideoLAN can make your media accessible to client applications or devices supporting only a subset of the filetypes VLC supports.

Additional information can be found on their Wiki page, and be sure to visit their forums if you need quick answers to your questions. And remember, it’s not only free, but it’s also open source, so the chances of it phoning home or getting bogged down in DRM are next to none.


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