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New Article Posted – Upload your ACDSee photos to Fotki *with* tags


What You’ll Find Here

If you’re looking to learn about, or discuss topics relating to photos, videos, music, especially those with sentimental value, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be discussing software and methods to work with each of these unique data types and offering suggestions on how best to accomplish particular tasks. I hope to both teach and be taught, so if you are aware of something I might not be, please share your thoughts so everyone can learn what you know.

I’ll be starting off with how to keep those digital memories safe, with regular backups. The series will be broken up into two parts; system backups (images) and file or “data” backups. While not directly related to digital photos or videos, most of us want to be sure our files are safe from accidental loss, and ensuring proper backup procedures are in place is the first step in protecting against losing those precious moments.